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Strategic partnership between Ingneium and PLC

12 Mar 2024

Ingenium and PLC join forces on the electrical infrastructures to connect 4 photovoltaic plants located in central southern Italy

With great enthusiasm, the Ingenium Group, leader in innovation and development of renewable energy systems, and the PLC Group, through its subsidiary PLC System S.r.l., announce a collaboration aimed at achieving shot-term construction site feasability, once the authorization process is completed, for 4 photvoltaic plants and their connecting infrastructures, totaling approximately 200 MW in power.

Ingenium, with its established reputation in the sector and its expertise in renewables energies plants development, collaborates with PLC System S.r.l., renowned for its technical prowess and leadership in high voltage.

In this synergistic collaboration, Ingenium carries out its mission of excellence in energy innovation, while PLC leverages its recognized technical expertise to create the connection infrastructures for the 4 plants, once authorized, solidifying their respective positions in the Italian renewable energy market.

The primary objective of this cooperation is to expedite, by combining the respective administrative and technical know-how, the completion of the technical plans for the electrical connection infrastutctures, ensuring compliance with specifications and standards outlined in these cases by the TSO and/or by the DSO.